Cub turns 50


Honda’s little bike that could, the Super Cub, turns 50 this year.

In August 1958 the Japanese company began selling the small, air-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke 49 cc motorcycle, and that first sale has been followed by 60-million more — making the Super Cub, according to Wired magazine, "the best-selling vehicle in the history of internal combustion."

In 1959, the Super Cub was first seen in North America, and in 1964, the bike got an overhead cam engine.

Now, the Honda Cub series is produced in 15 countries and demand continues around the world.


Honda held a small ceremony at its Kumamoto factory on July 21 to mark the 50th anniversary of Super Cub sales.

See a video about the Super Cub’s greatness. 



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