Team CMG update


Yeah, sure JP can handle a KTM, but can his arse?

The Paris-Dacre Team CMG line up has gone through some final
adjustments since the Algonquin two-day update. Uwe has opted out of
the team and been replaced by veteran Team CMGer (as in the early
Canadian Thunder series and then Supermotard), JP Schroeder.

JP has volunteered to ride the KTM 530 EXC after ‘Arris and Jim both
expressed serious doubts that they could handle a seat that felt akin
to a 2 by 4 (with the ‘2’ part up!) for the whole 16 hour ride. JP, who
rides bicycles 28 hours a day and races a KTM in supermotard, laughed.

Twenty bucks says JP will make it but his arse won’t.

That leaves my good self on the KTM 690 Enduro and Jim back to his
tried and trusted KLR650C … which just had emergency surgery to
replaced its bashed in rad, melted fan and dead electrics. Hmhhh.


The 2008 P-D route. We hope to get as close to the top right as possible.

Finally Costa threw a wrench in the works by declaring that he thought the Cycle Canada long term BMW 650GS would make a far more interesting ride than his purpose-built KTM 690 and that we should expect to see that roll up in Paris on Friday night.

After a quick word about cast wheels, no bash plate and the fact that he had a fooking 690 Enduro sitting in his garage ready to go, I gave up and started planning the 2010 Team CMG attempt to finish the Paris-Dacre rally.


There will be a full report on CMG the week after the rally. If you’re interested in seeing some of the pre-ride shots from the P-D organizers, click here.


  1. As team El Scorcho from Paris to Dacre 2008 we would like to thank all the people who participated and made the ride posible even though we had a flat first thing in the morning near Forks the Credit then navigational errors put us way back then to complete the day one of our team members hydrolocked his engine in one of the large water crossings near norland. Other than not being able to complete the day we had a great day Really enjoyed it and hope to compete in the next P2D. Thanks everyone aswell as our sponsors Asselstine Country, Zagg Invisable shield and Gotta Fish live bait and tackle.

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