Duff highsides into hospital


Duff at the Isle of Man in 1965. www.michelleduff.ca

Canadian racing legend Michelle Duff, who as Mike Duff was a GP star of the 1960s, has recently been making something of a second motorcycle racing career out of the burgeoning vintage competition scene in Europe.

Duff has been invited to many of the huge European events for the past few years, and while the general theory is that these are "demonstration" races, you can imagine what happens when a bunch of former world champions get together, often on their original (touchy two-stroke) bikes and also often with their original tuners.

After the big round at Spa-Francorchamps last weekend, we’re sorry to report, Duff is in hospital after a huge reported high-side with a skull fracture and possibly some broken ribs.

The good news is that Canadian motorcycle author and racer Vickie Gray (who has spent several years in the Netherlands and was on hand for the race) has visited Duff in the hospital, and says that she’s awake and cheerful, and a full recovery is expected. Get-well wishes to mad8@apexia.ca .


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