Art and Science of Riding


It’s a sad irony that the author spent his career teaching people to ride more safely, then died himself in a collision with a deer one evening in 2006 … even more ironically, on his way home from a safety conference. Still, it’s just one of the "there but for the grace of God" things, and certainly points up that anything can happen to any of us, any time.

Grodsky was best-known for his column "Stayin’ Safe" in Rider magazine from 1988 to his death, this book being a selection of same chosen by a good friend and colleague of his.

Many of Grodsky’s friends and fellow writers, riders, and teachers contributed personal notes and introductions to many of the columns.

Grodsky’s writing was clever; he had a nice way of getting technical information across without seeming pedantic, and often a wry sense of humour was evident.

I miss his writing, and I’m sorry I never got the chance to meet the guy and talk. There’s lots of good advice here for anyone who spends time on the roads; definitely a worthwhile addition to the old motorcycle library.

Stayin’ Safe: The Art and Science of Riding Really Well, by Lawrence Grodsky, hardbound, 352 pages, $24.95 U.S. Published by Whitehorse Press, Centre Conway, NH, , ISBN 978-1-884313-72-1.


  1. The book is a decent read and is a collection of his columns with a preface by the different people who knew Grodsky.

    Sometimes Larry’s writing left me with more questions after I read his monthly article in Rider magazine. I wish he had taken the time to write a comprehensive book or produce a dvd with his instruction

    His death was a sobering reminder about the risks of biking and I no longer ride at night when I travel.

  2. I miss Larry Grodsky’s writing, too. As you say, his loss is indeed a sad irony. As a fellow rider and Pennsylvanian, I’d always hoped to meet him one day and take one of his courses. Having had more than my share of near things with deer, I can’t help but wonder if he had, as we all do, what turned out to be a fatal lapse in practicing what he preached. In any case, it’s too bad he’s gone.

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