Indiana notices motorcyclists


The state of Indiana says motorcyclists are one of three “niche travel areas,” and is promoting the state — and its Moto GP race — as a destination for riders through a website and blog.

Internet visitors will find motorcycling information and 21 route options for exploring the state, including routes to the inaugural Red Bull Moto GP event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September.

At the same time, visitors are warned to stay away from certain areas because tornados and floods have ravaged some Indiana roads. Riders should check for information on road closures before heading out for any of the featured routes on the tourism page at .

The website’s a bit hokey, but Indiana is officially welcoming motorcyclists – along with outdoor adventure seekers and college-town buffs, the other two “niche travel areas” – so you’ve gotta give them points for attitude! There’s also something about winning passes to the Moto GP.

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