Triples in Paris


Triples assemble at Paris rally

Kawasaki triple fans had a treat on the weekend as about 15 of the old screamers turned out for the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group’s annual rally in Paris, Ont.

Jim Breslin, a member of the Canadian Kawasaki Triples club, says the group made quite a show when it arrived at the Paris fairgrounds.

"With most of our bikes having loud, high performance expansion chamber exhaust systems, heads were turning as we pulled into the vintage rally," he says.

Following their visit to the rally, the Kawasaki triples riders "hit the back roads for a cruise" then headed to a friend’s house for a barbecue and some kawa-brewskies.

The Kawasaki Triples club meets on-line and members live in  both Canada and the U.S. This was probably the largest single gathering of Kawasaki triples on Canadian roads since the bikes’ heyday in the 1980s, they say.


  1. Hi guys can you help,looking at doing my first triple a 74 500,the frame number and the engine number dont match do you reALLY think this matters

  2. I just watched the video “again” of the KTC club starting their triples up and leaving the fairgrounds. So cool looking and sounding, I wish I was there.

  3. I had seven triples at one point, two 750’s and five 500’s ranging from a ’70 to a ’74 in vintage.

    I’m astounded that I can still, hear a triple and tell you what displacement, exhaust mods and intake, without seeing the bike and I bet I could assemble one and start it, blindfolded.

    No other machine brings back such sweet memories… Wish I had been there! I know I would have had a chill up my spine and an adrenaline rush, just hearing, seeing and smelling them.

  4. Here’s how one of the guys put it.
    “The coolest moment was pulling into the Paris fairgrounds – holy cow, it was like a pack of snarling, snapping ravenous wolves. It was insane! Chambers popping and banging, smoke hanging in the air…”

  5. The cloud of blue smoke after their group exit out of the parking lot can still be seen from orbit. It was really great to see so many of these old smokers running! All the “visiting” triples had disk front brakes… but there was one ’70 H1 in the swap meet & show area with the suicidal drum brake… that brought back some bad memories.

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