Latest Recalls


1098 rear sprocket could collapse!

Company: Ducati 

Models involved: ’07-’08 1098, 1098S and 1098 Tricolore

Problem: Rear drive sprocket can fail allowing chain to entangle in the rear wheel.

Consequence: This can cause rear wheel lock up and result in a crash.

Fix: Take to your dealer who will replace the sprocket with a better one.

Recall Number
: 2008175



KLX250S can lose its grip(s).

Company: Kawasaki

Models involved: 2009 KLX250S

Problem: Handlebar grips could come loose and may come off altogether.

Consequence: Potential crash. 

Fix: Dealers will replace throttle grip assemble and lhs grip as well.

Recall Number
: 2008189


ZX14 frame breakage …

Company: Kawasaki

Models involved: ’06-’07 Ninja ZX14

Problem: On some motorcycles the engine mount adjusting collar at the lower rear frame cross-member may have been overtightened which can lead to cracking at the welds. If the frame breaks, the rear suspension may collapse.

Consequence: This is about as pleasant as a 1098 rear wheel chain entanglement with similar results.

Fix: Dealers will inspect and if necessary, replace the frame.

Recall Number
: 2008192 



Hayabusa wiring issue.

Company: Suzuki 

Models involved: 2008 GSX1300R Hayabusa

Problem: On some bikes the wiring harness is improperly routed at the headstock which can cause damage to the ignition switch leads. 

Consequence: If these wires break you can lose ignition (engine stalls) or lighting (rider goes blind at night) which could lead to a crash.

Fix: Dealers will replace the ignition switch wires and check that harness is routed correctly.

Recall Number
: 2008195

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