Proper sandals required


Don’t ride with these in Winnipeg

If you catch a Winnipeg cop staring at your feet, don’t offer him a backrub. It’s not a come-on, but a matter of law, according to one prairie province policeman.

Winnipeg motorcycle rider Michael Bailey was pulled over on his 2002 V-Rod recently for riding with flip-flop sandals. Apparently, the Highway Traffic Act prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle while wearing sandals that don’t have rear straps. Sensible, that – when you consider how much more damage the lad might have had in a crash if his sandals had come loose.

Bailey was about to take a taxi home – because the Winnipeg cop would not let him continue on his ride with the improper footwear – when he had a brilliant idea. Two pieces of string borrowed from a restaurant later, he was back on his bike.

Bailey told the Winnipeg Sun that he discussed the matter with the officer, who informed him that police do look into a car to check a driver’s footwear.

But Manitoba Public Insurance informed the paper that sandals have “no consequence in terms of an accident.” They’ll pay to have those road-rashed toes taken care of, as long as you have a drivers licence.


  1. You wouldn’t be believe how many people I see driving scooters in those silly “crocs”.

    I think it was Bike magazine that used to feature a mangled ankle every issue. Not pretty! Since then I always wear full boots (Sidi On Road :))

  2. I’d think it’s a matter of control rather than injury prevention. If the sandal slips off at the wrong time while driving it could cause loss of control. Makes more sense with a car where the flip-flop could get jammed in the pedals or something.

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