Triples at CVMG rally


Kawasaki Triples still quicken the pulse
Photo: Steve Gooder

That old familiar 2-stroke smell will be in the air at the fairgrounds in Paris, Ontario, on Saturday, as a Kawasaki Triples group of about 20 riders will show up at a vintage rally there.

The group will get together at a club member’s house in Paris and ride to the site of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group’s annual Paris Rally. They won’t be the only vintage motorcycles at the CVMG event, which generally draws a large number of old bikes and enthusiasts.

The Kawasaki 500 cc and 750 cc 2-stroke triples were infamous in the early ‘70s for huge power and bad handling, but owners loved them.

The triples group is not asociated with the CVMG, but meet at a Kawasaki Triples Canada web blog.

The 36th annual CVMG Paris Rally takes place on Friday and Saturday. See for info. 


  1. you freakin guys are easier to wind up than an old timex.Next time I’ll say you smell like aylor.That’ll get your goats. :eek

  2. That was the best time I have had on my bike in years…thanks everyone.

  3. DJ fisher, you got me all wound up, was that you? I’ll bring a friend when I meet you as you will tire of
    kicking my butt 🙂

  4. Junk? I can’t believe what I’m hearing tough guy. We’ll be back, I promise.
    I’d like to meet you next year DJ, goof

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