Motorcycle simulator


Dr. Alex Stedmon (centre) with students and Triumph 675 for simulator project

A motorcycle simulator similar in concept and design to aviation training simulators is under construction at a British university.

A Triumph Daytona 675, provided by the manufacturer, will be mounted on a moveable platform, while driving simulation software and large projection screens will provide environmental effects.

The University of Nottingham project is said to be the first of its kind, and will be used to study "motorcycle ergonomics and rider human factors," according to the university.

The project is run by Dr. Alex Stedmon of the School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering’s Centre for Motorcycle Ergonomics and Rider Human Factors, or SMMMECMERHF. By combining normal rider inputs and motorcycle responses with weather, traffic, and other environmental scenarios, the simulator will produce useful data for motorcycle safety researchers, Stedmon says, and could also be used for training purposes.

Here’s a Youtube clip.

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