Have a little Vun for a change


Vun in standard street trim

The Italian company CR&S has taken inspiration from "motorbikers, enthusiasts, aesthetes, technicians, ‘tuning specialists,’ tourists, riders, hedonists, goliards, experts, and free spirits" to create a bike named "One."

Or, more correctly, "Vun," which means one in the Milanese dialect. The result is a motorcycle with a Rotax engine and a body style that comes in flavours for the street and the track. The 654 cc Rotax single produces 54 hp (or a "depowered" 29 hp) in road trim and 68 hp in track model. Power runs through a five-speed gearbox and a wet clutch. Dry weight is just 135 kg (300 lb).

The Vun comes with Ceriani fork and Paoli shock, spoke wheels with alloy rims and hubs, single Brembo front disc and radially-mounted caliper, and carbon fiber parts.

No word on the price of the Vun (or the relevance of "goliard") but it probably doesn’t matter, since the chance of you ever seeing either on a Canadian road seems slim.

See www.crs-motorcycles.com for more.

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