New helmets for everyone


Tranz convertible helmet at Kimpex

A new line of helmets distributed by Kimpex might appeal to a broad spectrum of riders, including women and children.

The RR 700 is a full face model with a thermo-injected plastic shelll removable lining and cheek pads, and ventilation. It comes in a Mad Roses style for women, and a Samourai style for drum beaters. It’s also cheap enough to appeal to both women and men, at $129.99, and is ECE approved.

The Warrior Pink is intended for women, but the Warrior line comes in a variety of colours, and lists for $119.99.

The Blade and Corsair models are aimed at young riders, from six to 12 years old and are DOT-approved. The Blade has a rubber lip that looks aerodynamic and is intended to prevent turbulence while riding on the back seat. The Corsair is painted with a pirate design. Both junior helmets come with removable interiors and venting. The Blade starts at $169.99 and the Corsair is 60 bucks cheaper.

For the average reader of CMG, the Tranz is probably the most appealing product in this line-up. It’s a convertible full-face/open-face helmet, with a retractable sun visor beneath the traditional visor, just like the fighter pilots use. It’s also DOT legal, and retails for $169.99.

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