New Yamahas in the pipe?


Tick-tock to the 4th …

Rumour has it that there are a couple of new Yamahas about to be unveiled at the beginning of June.

Yamaha Canada reps were tight lipped when asked for more details, only confirming that the two new models will be officially released on the 4th and 6th of June. Indeed the Yamaha Canada website features a countdown clock for the precise moment on June 4th when the first of the two models will be revealed.

CMG has reason to believe that one of the two new models will be a new maxi-scooter – likely of 500cc – though we haven’t got a clue what the other might be. More news when we get it  … likely 6:00pm EST on June 4th …


  1. I hope the 2 new entries will be:

    1) a FI 125cc “sportsbike” to compete against the CBR125R
    2) the FI 125cc BWs scooter

    But I know I will at most be 50% correct, if not 100% incorrect.. :upset


  2. Hmmm, if this is for Canada…I’m hoping(and many others) that one of them is the Tenere! Please,please…PLEASE!!

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