Bata "Motor Sandal"


It’s better than bare feet …

Fed up of feeling like you have to conform to what the safety Nazis tell you is the right motorcycle gear? Missing the feeling of the wind between your toes? Well international shoe maker Bata has just the thing for you with their new "Motor Sandal".

Developed by the resourceful folks at their Bangladesh office, the Motor Sandal was specifically designed and engineered for bikers. Features include fibreglass reinforced sole, gear shifter protector, heat resistant rubber, toe bumper and fluorescent rear strap (which is also removable to make them into slippers …).

The Motor Sandal is currently available in five different styles across Bangladesh for a mere 900 Taka a pair (about C$13.00). More info available from Bata’s website .


  1. I guess if you are 20 to 30 years old, and have a brain the size of a pea. These scooter slippers would be just the thing have.

  2. Oh – i must correct myself – looking at the company’s website I now see they are equipped with “flourescent night vision” and that they are engineered for “foot PROTECTION and comfort”. Thank goodness they included safety in their design of these excellent motorcycle slippers. :roll

  3. I hope they will also offer up some tank tops and shorts to coordinate with these sandals, cause nothing really pisses off the gear Nazis like a good eyeful of road rash.

  4. I wonder if manufacturers will start to offer them?
    They could sell them with the Hayabusa or maybe the R1 logo.
    I pray these never hit the stores in North America or there will be a lot of toe-less squids limping around.
    I’m off to write NIKE to ask them if they would be interested in making a motorcycle riding t-shirt to match the bata riding sandals.

  5. these are a great idea. you can burn your feet more easily, get gravel underneath your toe nails, heck, even tear the skin right off that foot!

  6. :grin These are awesome! Unfortunately I just got off the phone with Bata to find theres no more stores in North America. Yes, I’m one of those hooligans who on occasion ride in t-shirt and shorts and I hate having to wear shoes so I can shift. I WANT THEM!!! 🙂 If anyone knows where I can buy these, PLEASE POST! Thanks!

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