OPP officer charged with speeding


Streets are safer now. Lawns, too.

Ontario’s new street racing law has finally proved its worth, as an OPP officer has been charged for driving his cruiser more than 50 km/h over the limit.

Lloyd Tapp, 43, was clocked on Hwy 115 south of Peterborough on March 25. Yes, it’s old news, but our last item on street racing failed to elicit much reader response, so we’re giving you another chance.

Tapp was charged and will appear in court in June. Meanwhile, he’s been stuck behind a desk at the Peterborough County detachment.

Police forces across Ontario have kicked off a campaign called Project Erase to get rid of street racing.

Tapp could be tapped out soon – maximum fine for his alleged behaviour is $10,000.


  1. I have known Mr.Tapp for a number of years and he has always had a chip on his shoulder. Ever since he joined the force, he has done many a bad deed to not only friends but family as well and never cared about how many lives he wrecked in the process. Unfortunately he has been able to get away with it because of his position, as he will again this time. It’s comforting to know however that there are “good” police officers out there, who aren’t afraid to charge their peers and once again restore faith in the public.

  2. Police speeding for no particular reason is common. I have often been passed by and sometimes followed them at 130-140km on stretches of 4 lane near my home. Generally there job can be tough, but they should set a better example if they ever expect the public to respect the same speed limits. I feel all motorists need to lobby for higher speed limits, as in the USA and other provincs in Canada, Ontario is the worst place for enforcement and its all centered on what happens in the golden horshoe. Try riding an empty northern ontario two lane for hundreds of kms at 80kph.

  3. Perhaps we could lobby to have all the cars equiped with a tattle-tale nanny cam. That would work like photo radar, and automatically send a ticket to the district that the car is assigned to.

    Then, the officer would have paperwork justifying his indiscretions, or be responsible for the fine. Just like the rest of us lesser farm animals…

    Then perhaps there’d be a little more ‘equality’ amungst the folks…

  4. I’m not sure if this makes me happy or not. It’s nice that one of the speed tax collectors got some of his own medicine but at the same time what kind of people work for the OPP that they would charge one of their own. It’s kind of like one of your co-workers snitching on you for leaving work a little early. I have many friends who are city police who have said those guys would charge there own mother, I guess they were right.

  5. The OPP; they’re no angels!

    I’ve seen their Golden Helmets motorcycle demonstration team do burnouts on their bikes while on duty…and at two sets of lights in a row. Lets not even discuss the speed they blew by me on the 400 series highway I was on. BTW, they were also wearing short sleeved shirts. What a bunch of amateurs!

  6. The most interesting thing about this, and the previous incident in which an officer was charged under 172 (revised), is that in both cases the police went against specific instructions within the text of the law that require the vehicle in question be impounded for 7 days, at the cost and risk of the owner. Admittedly it would seem somewhat redundant, as the vehicle is effectively in police custody, but it [b][i]IS[/i][/b] the law.

  7. When in uniform, shouldn’t they be the ones displaying the best habits and practices?

    I know I’d fry if I screwed up like that in my uniform…

    Maybe we should send the cop that stopped him to Caledonia, or down to Larry’s neck of the woods…

  8. I’m sure that the Guardian of Peace and Good Government will be exonerated, if the case ever actually goes to trial. If it does it will be very interesting to hear what the defense of the good Officer action will be. And if convicted(highly unlikely)what will hoe punishment be. Could be interesting. Oh yeah, did the police cruiser get impounded for 7 days??

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