Gas prices good for something


Scooters pushed by gas prices

In British Columbia, more people than ever are riding motorcycles and scooters, and the price of gas is fueling this trend, says the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

In a recent article, the Sun pointed outy that the Insurance Corporation of B.C. has “recorded a 78 per cent increase” in insurance purchases for motorcycles and scooters since 2000.

Also since that time, the price of gas has more than doubled, going from 60 cents a litre to $1.30.

Carter Honda, a major Vancouver dealer, told the Sun that they had sold around 400 scooters last year. The dealership said sales increases were related to the price of gas.


  1. I ride a scooter in Calgary. Gas prices are one good reason to get a small commuter but equally valid is using bikes and scoots to combat traffic congestion and, more importantly, just having fun.

  2. Next they’ll be telling us that the sun melts snow, and rain makes the garden grow….

    So what’s next? Massive increases in the cost of insurance because they had to hire more people to handle the increased policy workload?

    And don’t forget the increased profit…

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