HOV lanes OK in TO


… and now motorcycles!

Toronto’s municipal government has agreed to let motorcyclists use High
Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes controlled by the city, even with only
one rider aboard.

City councillor Case Ootes announced on Wednesday that a motion to
let motorcycles and scooters into HOV lanes passed in council. City
staff now will amend bylaws to formalize the matter.

This is not something that came easily, with municipal government
staff recommending that single-rider motorcycles be kept out of HOV
lanes when the HOV lanes were originally announced.

However, pressure from motorcycle lobby groups convinced councillors
that allowing motorcycles into the lanes makes environmental and
economical sense, and would improve, or at least not worsen, safety. 

HOV lane signs will be changed over time, but for now, motorcycle stickers will be put on them. Toronto will also advise other Ontario jurisdictions with HOV lanes that this change has taken place. 


  1. The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada’s President Peter Jacobs was the ‘motorcycling lobby group’ that brought this change about with help and political input from Case Ootes. MCC had worked hard on the MTO for almost two years to get the same right on Hwy 403/404 without success. Now that the GTA has agreed that it is safer for motorcycles to use the HOV lanes a new effort will be made with the MTO. MCC wants to make the right to free street parking and use of HOV lanes for solo bikes available across Canada.
    Peter S

  2. Yes, yes, Hwy 403 would be good.

    The way I look at it I have two wheels on my motorcycle for one person. My car with two of us in it has four wheels which is the same ratio. Two wheels per person. Makes sense if you ask me.

    “They” talk about emissions and gas consumption, but the fact of the matter is that I could have the worst polluting car that uses the most gas and as long as I have two people in it I am good for the HOV.

    I feel much safer on the bike in the HOV than stuck in the bumper to bumper grind.

  3. This is the same dorky council that took 5 years to approve electric bicycles. One can only hope they are not asked to decide any real issues.

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