CBR125 series all wet


Wet and cold 125 class
Scott McKay photo

Honda Canada has gotten back into racing in an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny way this year, sponsoring a series for their CBR125 starter bikes that will run in conjunction with the Parts Canada national series.

Originally it was intended for teens; then as the number of participants failed to overwhelm, first the age limit was raised, then females of all ages were allowed, and now anyone who has a bike and can ride it is welcome.

There was a racing school for newbie participants at Shannonville April 28, and to maintain the school’s record for this season, the weather was shite … cold, windy, and pouring with rain. The deluge eased off slightly after lunch, and although a couple of students elected to sit out until next weekend’s Nelson Track race event for their track time, five young and eager participants managed a couple of sessions with chief instructor and RACE boss Chris Chapelle before things packed in.

You had to especially admire the kid who rode his CBR125 from Kingston to the track for the school, about an hour each way in bone-chilling wet conditions.

Still, having eight newcomers was good, and there are at least two more waiting for their racing "kit" to arrive. Good deal, that: for $1,500, you get an Elka shock, a set of Pirelli spec tires, an Arrow muffler, a paddock stand, a beautiful set of Mimic bodywork and a couple of other bits that would total at least $2,500 if purchased separately. 


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