I am not Valentino!


"Valentino? Nah, not me!"

An Australian has apparently figured out that if you’re going to fake something, you’re better off to fake something valuable — like the only real superstar in motorcycle racing.

Valentino Rossi has been seen wandering around the Australian city of Cairns lately, signing autographs, taking a waitress for a ride on his bike, and assuring spectators that he was "Il Dottore."

But it was not really the Doctor.

Waiter Stefano Zanzottera said guests and staff where he works call him "Valentino" all the time. On his last visit to another cafe, where 23-year-old Melissa Taifalos worked, he let the game get out of hand, signed some autographs and took the young lady for a ride on his Yamaha.

After Zanzottera was outed by a local newspaper, he admitted that he doesn’t even watch Moto GP on telly. "I am so sorry. I feel so bad," he said. "From now on, if anyone says ‘Valentino Rossi?’ I say ‘No, I am not him!" 

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