Hitler liked his VFRs

You’d think that Hitler would have been a fan of the BMW GS bikes but apparently he had a hankering for Honda’s VFRs instead.

Okay, maybe not, but some clever sod has taken a clip from the acclaimed Downfall film of a few years back (excellent film BTW) and changed the subtitles to give a somewhat different take on the final days in the Berlin bunker.

Warning – if you don’t find Hitler parodies funny and/or adore BMW GSs you might not appreciate this …. actually, same goes for Kawasaki and Harley Davidsons …. 


Or… click here.


  1. :grin Laughing my ass off! Okay, I would’nt touch a Honda over a BMW, but any attacks on Harleys is always fine by me! 🙂 Well done!

  2. It’s been done. My fave is Hitler lamenting the lack of decent choice among motorcars. YouTube it, and wait for the “riced-out import” line.

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