Sportbike Rally revised


The Parry Sound, Ont., Sportbike rally, recently diagnosed with a serious case of death, has been restored to life — or will be, anyway — by none other than Lawrence Hacking,
Canadian moto-journalist and Dakar rally afficionado.

The 26th annual Sportbike Rally will be held July 4–6 at the Bobby Orr Community Centre in Parry Sound.

Following a proposal that Hacking made to the town council, word has come out that Parry Sound will support the rally, and Hacking says manufacturers are on-board, too, providing crucial financial and other kinds of support.

Hacking, who is working a new organizational committee, the Parry Sound Motorcycle Association, to produce the rally, says it’ll resemble Sportbike rallies of recent years.

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  1. The PS SBR sorta lost it for me, when they became a “festival”, and concentrated activities around the hockey rink. The rally was much more collegial when it was centered around Foley Fairgrounds.
    We camped, partied, and rode with each other and were able to cruise and peruse the bikes parked around the fairgrounds at our leisure. Often with drink in hand. Even the posh lot that stayed at motels came by for the evening activities, before retiring to a real bed.
    All my SBR friends were made at Foley, not on Main street.

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