Harley riders get a room


Harley riders head for the Best Western

Best Western has teamed up with Harley-Davidson to lure riders into its hotels across North America.

The company has agreed to offer special benefits, like lip balm, tar remover, wipe-down rags, and special parking, to motorcyclists who stay at Best Western hotels.

"Best Western recognizes that Harley-Davidson and motorcycle enthusiasts have unique needs when on the road, and we’re committed to providing them with amenities that make their rides more enjoyable," said Dorothy Dowling, a Best Western VP. She said more than 1,000 of the company’s hotels are now "rider-friendly," and the number will grow.

The program is somewhat Harley-specific, and a rewards program is available to Harley-Davidson riders, but some benefits will be available to people who show up on other brands. See www.bwrider.com.

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