Ride for smokes "not funny"


"138 reasons to see the Stadium, paid with your taxes, in Montreal." 
Now that’s funny … 

A Harley-Davidson billboard campaign in La Belle Province has irritated some politicos there, according to the Edmonton Sun.

The Alberta newspaper published a story recently on its website that said Harley billboards are urging people to ride to a Mohawk Indian reserve and buy illegal cigarettes, and ride to Toronto to visit “square heads.”

The Sun says Harley put up 85 highway billboards around Quebec, using highway numbers in their slogans. For example: “640 reasons to go buy cigarettes in Kanesatake,” or “20 reasons to go visit square heads in Toronto.”

The messages are in French, so the “tete carres” in T.O. are probably not insulted, but the mayor of St-Eustache, where one of the billboards is placed suggesting a ride for illegal cigarettes, says it’s not very funny.

Rumours of a similar Ontario-based campaign stating "401 reasons to eat poutine, watch strippers and test your Fat Boy’s suspension" have been denied … 


  1. I too don’t read French very well, but I can read and understand numbers, even when they’re on a Quebec highway sign. Your translation of the billboard said: “138 reasons to see the Stadium, paid with your taxes, in Montreal.”

    The billboard actually reads: “10 reasons to see the Stadium, paid with your taxes, in Montreal.”

    I guess you got carried way confusing Highway 138 with Highway 10 near Montreal.


  2. I seen the adds, but had no idea what they said ’cause I don’t read french, but as I think of it, there could be some social irony here. Harley Davidson shedding some light on the smoke smugglers? Keeping elected members on their toes about wasting taxpayers money on make work projects when roads are beyond rough and bridges are falling down?

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