Kawasaki Recalls


Vulcan 900s need fuel pipes checking

Company: Kawasaki

Models involved: 2006 – 2008 Vulcan 900 Classics and Customs.

Problem: Fuel hose may not have been securely fixed to the fuel injector delivery pipe during assembly.

Consequence: Leaking fuel can ignite and go boom.

Fix: Dealer will inspect and replace pipe if required.

Recall Number
: 2008094.


Company: Kawasaki.

Models involved: 2008 Ninja 250R.

Problem: During front fork compression the front brake line may come into contact with the edge of the fork. Resulting wear may cause the hose to rupture.

Consequence: Leaking brake hose = reduced or no front brakes = badness.

Fix: Dealers will replace the brake hose bracket.

Recall Number
: 2008095.


Ninja 250 engine breather could be blocked.

Company: Kawasaki. 

Models involved: 2008 Ninja 250R.

Problem: Engine crankcase vent hole could be blocked due to material left in it at time of manufacture. Increased internal engine pressure could cause head gasket to fail and allow oil to leak out of motor.

Consequence: Leaking oil could find its way to the rear tire and err the coefficient of friction towards zero (i.e it all goes slippery). Slippery rear tire can result in crash.

Fix: Dealer will inspect air-cleaner case and remove any obstructions.

Recall Number
: 2008096.

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