H-D museum selling memberships


H-D museum opening soon

Harley fans who feel that certain thrill when they think of the new Harley-Davidson Museum opening to the public in July can step up and show their love by opening their wallets.

The Milwaukee company is selling memberships to its new museum, which is located in Milwaukee, and signing up by June 1 will get you a special invitation to a pre-grand opening.

The benefits for members vary depending on type of membership, which ranges in cost from $40 to $500, but include free entry, special information on museum exhibits, dog tags, retail discounts, and other goodies. See www.h-dmuseum.com/membership for info.


  1. Obviously I would knock Honda fanatics for doing that. The people who really NEED to get a life are those empty-headed consumers who personally identify with their vehicles. BMW owners can be worse; putting on superior airs merely because of what they purchased. Ha!
    I don’t knock other brands I just knock the way H-D charges the laughable premium for the antiquated technology, and out-sourced components. But don’t listen to me, read a current review comparing an H-D bike with others: disappointing performance, lotsa chrome, with an emphasis on conspicuous consumption. Bling that farts!

  2. Listen to you jokers, Harley Davidson has a long history of motorcycle manufacturing ( some bikes were good and some were real dogs).As a Harley owner I appreciate the bike for what it is and don’t worry about what it isn’t. If Honda opened a museum beside the bike plant that they have in the U.S and charged Honda fanatics $ for memberships, would you knock them? I would personally think cool, somewhere for them to go and appreciate the people and effort that created thier ride. Get a life and growup with the knocking other brands crap. :

  3. To leave a Harley shop and have your wallet lightened by 50 to 400 bones is normal. And like members of other churches, the parishioners don’t ever seem to mind. It was called tithing in the old days.

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