X bike spied in Poland


Don’t expect to see one at your local hangout any time soon, but the JJ2S two-stroke speedster would surely have your burger-munching bike-friends drooling if it were only so.

The Polish invention is four cylinders in an unusual X config, 500 cc of displacement, promoting 110 hp over 155 kg of dry weight. It’s liquid and oil cooled, fuel injected, and makes max power at only 8,000 rpm.

The steel tube frame uses the X engine as a stressed member. USD 43 mm forks, 320 mm discs with six-pot calipers, a tidy 1341 mm (52.8 in) wheelbase, and seat height of 800 mm (31.5 in) contribute to a small but maybe potent package.

We have no idea who’ll bring it to Canada, but feel free to start rumours. If you can read Polish (or Google’s translation of said language), you can enjoy the story in its original (or googly) form. X marks the spot at www.jjsdesign.net.


  1. I don’t know i’m affraid of the cylinder under the seat. Look carefully if the connecting rod fail and the piston is going up, you may change gender faster than you might think. Or end up in the hospital with a piston stick there (i think a this point you know where) On the positive side it will keep your balls warm in colder weather.

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