Schumacher proves he's fast


Schumacher: "These cars … so boring …" 

Michael Schumacher, seven-time world Formula One driving champion, has been dabbling with bikes since his retirement last year.

He’s had a Harley road bike for years, has been playing on track days with a Triumph Street Triple, and has used his Ferrari contacts to get play-day rides on a Ducati Desmosedici — incredibly, running times that were only a couple of seconds off being competitive.

Now comes word that the 39-year-old German has entered his first race — in Hungary, at a track called the Pannonia Ring – on a Honda CBR1000RR, finishing third behind Martin Bauer (2007 German superbike champion) and Andreas Meklau, long-time WSB competitor. Good company, that.

So is Schumie planning to do a John Surtees in reverse and try for world titles on two and four wheels? Apparently, not a chance. "I only did it for fun," he said. "I prefer driving."


  1. Who cares about Schumi it seems he’s good doing anything he touches. What about an apple pie oh and this time no cheating

  2. The story was actually written on a HAL 9000, which failed to recognize the passage of time and accidentally inserted what it thought was today’s date. Dave has already disciplined the miscreant computer.

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