No motorcycling for $8 million nose


Mr. Gort meets Ms. Lopez.

A dutch winemaker has just insured his proboscis for a cool 8 million dollars after hearing about a man who lost his sense of smell after a car accident. Ilja Gort realized that if he lost his own sense of smell, he would no longer be able to taste wine properly and that would be the end of his business.

The policy (underwritten by Lloyds of London) comes with a list of "do not dos" which include sensible things such as no fire-breathing or working as a knife thrower’s assistant, although sadly, motorcycling is also included in that list.

When interviewed on CBC radio recently and asked about what premiums an $8 million nose must pay, Gort replied "I’m not allowed to say, but my nose is somewhere between Jennifer Lopez’s butt and Beckham’s legs. However, if I had to chose which to put my nose between …"


  1. Just cause he’s Dutch, and he makes wine, does that mean he’s making Dutch wine?

    I’m Canadian, and want to make Austrailian wine, does that mean I can’t?

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