Eau d' Ewan

sm_ewan-ewe.jpgWhenever I’ve been on an adventure into the depths of some country, I’ve always come out smelling a bit rank. The last thing on my mind is "eh, I should bottle this smell and sell it". 

However, it may be just me that has the odour of rankness post adventure as it appears that Mr. Ewan McGregor (yes, that Ewan McGregor) actually smells rather lovely post ride.

Well, we assume so as we haven’t actually had a sniff of him, but the point is that Davidoff seems to think he does and have produced a new fragrance aptly called ‘Adventure’ and actively promoted by Mr. McGregor.

I know, I know, WTF does this have to do with motorcycles? Well, the promo ad shows Ewan riding a Triumph Bonnie through the Brazillian rain-forest, presumably to generate some of the famed odour for bottling post ride.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself … 



  1. Sorry Cathy, but any true Ewan fan worth their salt knew about this several months ago when they were filming it. I’ve had a rather yummy behind-the-scenes shot on my computer desktop for about 4 months now ;o)

  2. Ahem sorry to boast but I scooped this late-breaking story by posting it on the Soapbox a couple of weeks ago. I suppose I do make it a priority to keep abreast of Ewan news. And for the record, I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to get a whiff of him.

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