BMW shrink Xcountry


Xcountry time warps back from 2009, shrinking in the process.

Bit early, perhaps, but BMW has announced some changes to the dual-sport G650 Xcountry for the 2009 model year.

The bike has been lowered and new colours (plain sunset yellow and white metallic matt) have been chosen. A significant reduction in the height of the adjustable seat, to 800-825 mm from 840-870, was accomplished via changes to the forks, shock, and seat contours.

Also aimed at rider convenience are a five-way adjustable brake lever and a four-way adjustable clutch lever. A new rear sub-frame (oddly, steel welded to the main aluminum chassis) make fitting a BMW top-case possible.

Weight remains at a remarkable claimed 149.5 kg dry, while the single-cylinder engine is unchanged at 53 hp (39 kW).

Suggested retail is $8,200.00, and the revised model should be available later this spring.

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