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Check yer brake lines!

Company: Harley-Davidson

Models involved: 2005 – 2007 Road Kings and Electra Glides.

Problem: Okay, this seems to be limited to police bikes, so if you ain’t a copper, then you can probably discard this. On certain bikes with ABS, the brake hoses may be incorrectly routed which can cause them to rub up against certain parts.

Consequence: Excess rubbing can lead to leakage and hairy palms. In the case of a motorcycle this can lead to loss of braking when you need it most (err, while braking), leading to all kinds of nastiness.

Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the lines if required and fix the original rubber … or is that rubbee?

Recall Number
: 2008073



F800 may not be the best stunt bike …

Company: BMW

Models involved: 2007 – 2008 F800 S and ST

Problem: Some models may have had the fuel breather hose incorrectly routed allowing it to be pinched between the bike’s frame and other, unspecified, components.

Consequence: The blocked pipe could allow the fuel tank to expand when it’s hot outside (because it can’t release the pressure can it?), resulting in the bulging of the tank. Since said tank is located under the seat and near the rear tire, under certain circumstances (doing jumps with a fatty on the back for example) could cause the tire to come into contact with the tank. This could rupture the tank, allowing fuel to escape.

Fix: Dealers will reroute fuel breather.

Recall Number
: 2008084


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