Kawasaki recalls


Watch yer rear!

Company: Kawasaki 

Models involved: 2008 Ninja 250R

Problem: On certain models the taillight bulb will meet its untimely demise far too young.

Consequence: No tail light means that Mr. Mole has a good excuse for rear-ending your arse into the oblivion.

Fix: Take it to your local Kawasaki dealer who will replace the bulb with one that will illuminate for many nights to come.

Recall Number
: 2008056



Dodgy saddlebag latches?

Company: Kawasaki

Models involved: 2008 Concours 14 (std and ABS versions)

Problem: The pivot pin in the latches that attach the saddlebags to the motorcycle can break – either due to a ‘doh’ moment (bike falls over and onto the saddlebag) or an ‘idjit’ moment (saddlebag is improperly attached to bike).

Consequence: A knackered latch means that the bag(s) could become detached. If this happens while you’re zipping down, the highway the bag could either cause you to crash or take out one (or several) of the vehicles behind you!

Fix: Your friendly local Kawasaki dealer will happily replace the latch assembly for an altogether more sturdy design.

Recall Number
: 2008057



"After a brief ride, John was concerned that he may have lost some parts off his Concours 14 …"

Company: Kawasaki

Models involved: 2008 Concours 14 (std and ABS versions)

Problem: Oh dear, the Concours 14 luggage is not having a happy time, this one being a recall for the rear luggage rack. Apparently if you install the Kawasaki Genuine Accessory Luggage System to said rack and the passenger does something as foolish as lean against it, the rack and luggage could become detached! 

Consequence: Well, the passenger is in for a big shock, so are the vehicles behind … especially if your saddlebags let go at the same time.

Fix: While the dealer’s checking the bag latches, they’ll replace the rack too.

Recall Number
: 2008058

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