Retreat to the Cabot Trail



Patrick and Angela at Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

A new motorcycle retreat will open near the Cabot Trail just in time for the 2008 riding season.

Patrick and Angela Lanctot say they started out from Toronto to find "Canada’s best riding destination," and ended up with the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat in the village of Middle River West, Nova Scotia.

They’re both motorcyclists, and the accommodations are named The Cruiser, Full Throttle, and Off Road, and even have boot dryers and hangers for your helmet installed. Best of all, CMG Riders Club members get 15 per cent off — and the rates aren’t bad to start with. Have a look for yourself at



  1. If y’all wait ’till I do my taxes, and purchase another bike, I shall do an evaluation.
    I was planning on heading to the Maritimes this spring/summer anyway, to make up for a couple of planned (yet cancelled) tours from the past three years.
    If the fine people of CMG wish to help me arrange this …. :grin

    I have plans for Shediac, Halifax, Moncton, and where-ever KML ain’t.

    BTB.. I am serious… You know how to contact me for a report, if it fits one’s time-line.

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