Aprilia V4 for the people

sm_aprilia-rsv4.jpg A drawing of the Aprilia RSV4, released this week by the factory, shows what the production version of the superbike may look like.

The bike is fitted with huge 8-piston front brake calipers on radial mounts, side engine covers, and what appears to be a wedge-shaped headlight, which might turn out to be LEDs in the production machine, if the company’s FV2 concept bike styling is followed.

The drawing also shows small canards behind the seat, and the exhaust is on the left side.

Aprilia’s RSV4 has been seen in race-prototype trim, but with a right-side exhaust (CMG-Feb. 25). The 65-degree V-4 is said to be Aprilia’s most powerful ever, and uses extensive electronic controls.


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