Going, going … found!


Too precious to lose

Internet auction site eBay helped a Pennsylvania man find his motorcycle helmet after a thief clipped a cable securing it to his handlebars and made off with it.

The lidless rider looked on eBay for a replacement helmet after the theft, and found something that seemed eerily familiar — and the seller lived near where the helmet was stolen.

He bid on the helmet, won it for $139, then called police. The helmet is now in an evidence room, awaiting an appeal on the conviction last month of a 23-year-old for theft.


  1. No, it’s a special “left-handed” helmet, as you’ll notice from the location of the buckle … very rare, hard to get. Must’ve been a left-handed thief, too. Hmm. Actually, that’s just a picture we dug up. There was no picture of the actual stolen helmet.

  2. I didn’t realise that you could spend more than $89.95 on a beenie. Must have been the custom tribal art that popped it well over the fiscal ton.

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