Short-lived Harley


Elie and Dillon Chappellaz with meltable motorcycle
Photo by Sara Sutherland

The problem with building a Harley-Davidson out of
snow is that your bike won’t retain its value like the
original product does. One sunny day, and it’s
pretty well liquidated.

That’s what Elie Chappellaz discovered after carving a replica Harley in Landmark,
Manitoba. Even as the temperature plummeted, sunshine kept melting his engine, which he had to build "from scratch" three times — eventually settling for a simplified, Triumph-twin-like design.

Chappellaz and his son Dillon spent 70 hours on the original carving, working from a 1/18th scale model of a Harley-Davidson.


  1. Hmmm… image posting seems not to work… link thing?


  2. Every year Elie has an eye-catching sculpture in front of his house. He enjoys his projects and it is nice to see the young guy getting involved. Maybe in the future we’ll get to see a competition in downtown Landmark,MB.

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