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Yamaha 125 to grow up?

Honda’s success with its CBR125 has obviously got the other manufacturers thinking, none more so than Yamaha.

The tuning fork company has a ready-made competitor already on sale in other markets; the YZF-R125 mates a fuel-injected 125 cc engine to a steel R6-style Deltabox frame and aluminum swingarm, with styling right out of the R1/R6 mould.

But … apparently it would be too expensive to bring into Canada. Next step. What are all those CBR125 owners going to do when they decide to step up a bit? Unless they want a Kawasaki 250, there’s nothing much else out there.

Enter the rumoured YZF-R250. While we haven’t found any photos of the bike yet, one of our friendly "usual reliable sources" indicates that Yamaha Canada is looking hard at bringing the bike to Canada as a 2009 model — expect something that looks nearly identical to the YZF-R125 but using a 250 cc four-stroke single instead of the 125 lunger.

And by an astonishing coincidence, Yamaha already has a lovely motor in the line-up (in the form of the YZ250F motocrosser), that would serve as an excellent base for a powerful and flexible street engine.

Please, Yamaha?


  1. yeah build it up
    i think a lot of customers will appreciate it
    from 125 to 600cc there a big gap so…(that is for those who don’t want a kawasaki)
    someting between would be incredible and competition could get the bikes to go cheaper

  2. Glad to see that some manufacturers are stepping-up to the plate and offering some options to beginner motorcyclists. But do they all have to look like a MotoGP wannabe? How about a simple UJM?

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