Calabogie Superbike


Rumours of Calabogie being the locale for the Parts Canada Superbike 2008 season-opener have been confirmed, with May 22-25 being set. The track, about mid-way between Bancroft and Ottawa, takes an undulating 5.50 km 23-corner path through wild wooded country. Like Shannonville, the track can be split into different circuits, and for the national the 13-turn "Stadium Track" will be used.

A number of CMG folk have ridden the track; Bondo and Larry have both done it on various street and race bikes and they agree that it’s a wonderful and challenging piece of asphalt. Their shared reservations for a race meeting concern a couple of run-off areas and the marshalling challenges of the full circuit.

Planning to use the Stadium circuit – basically, the west loop, including about half of the total track – cuts the number of corners in half, and eliminates most of the potential crash areas that are still a bit dodgy for motorcycles.

Interestingly (and encouragingly), a new non-motorcycling company, Waste Management of Canada, has signed on to sponsor the weekend.

There is still no official word on the Quebec round, although rumours of Mirabel are still swirling about.


  1. i’d like to add my name to that hallowed list of CMGers who have enjoyed the track, although it was in my wife’s Audi, courtesy of Mark Steenbakkers. It was eye opening, to say the least, following him in his Corvette.

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