BMW rumours


BMW Superbike on test
Photo: Motociclismo

They may just be rumours, but here’s the juice and 12 grain toast on what we’ve heard about regarding BMW.

Firstly, BMW’s new F800GS dual sport model will not be available in Canadian showrooms until September, joined at the same time by the new G450X enduro model.

Less certain is talk of the availability of the new superbike in road trim as a 2010 model, probably available some time in 2009. Apparently BMW plans to win a World Superbike title in the not too distant future with that one, by the way — and a European enduro championship with the 450 by 2010. But then if they didn’t plan to win, they’re probably in the wrong business.

The 450X has  already been shown to the public, but the superbike has only been seen in spy photos (shown), wearing what looks like Yamaha R6 plastic.

The word is that it’s a chain-driven 1,000 cc four-cylinder model with USD forks and a double-sided swingarm. And if BMW’s 1-1 power-to-weight ambition actually bears fruit — 190 hp and 190 kg — it will be skanky fast. On the track, it’ll be ridden by one Alex Hofmann, who was recently removed from his Moto GP Ducati ride.

And good news for Beemophiles in Saskatoon as Custom Cycle and Marine, located at 2634 Faithfull Ave., is due to become a BMW dealer. They’ll be joined by Good Times Centre, who will be taking the brand’s distribution in Ottawa from Motor Sports World.


  1. Good For The Good Times Center. Staff are friendlier, more stock, more accessories, definitely a better fit for BMW. I will be happy to take my bike in for service at The Good Times Center, I promised my self never to return to Motor Sports World even though I purchased the bike there

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