Search CMG 3.0!

something in CMG and want to find it again? Maybe you just missed a
feature article, or you’re a new reader? Well, you’ll no doubt be
pleased as
punch to know that we’ve now added a search option for CMG 3.0.

This means that since we changed over to the new Content Management System that is CMG 3.0, everything is now easily searchable … well, except for the old stuff.

Okay, so that means there’s not 11 years of stuff to search through (the 2007-and-back stuff is only available via a manual archive listing in the CMG-RC), but it does include all the feature articles posted since January 2008 and ALL the news items since we went daily in October 2007.

The new search option can be found in the main horizontal menu on CMG.

Get searching then! 

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