Three-wheeled doughnut maker


Vertika GS kit available now

Plaisance, Quebec-based Prestige Auto Works normally builds 1,300-hp sports cars, but owner and designer Gerry St. Amour is also a motorcyclist, and has devoted considerable effort into building a three-wheeler called the Vertika.

Working on the idea of building a motorcycle that would display exceptional stability in all conditions, St. Amour designed a two-wheel kit that bolts onto the front of a motorcycle — replacing the forks and front wheel — without any cutting or modification to the frame.

He says he spent three years testing the result in all kinds of weather before putting it into production.

The Vertika kit uses brakes from the Ford Mustang 2, with car rims and tires, and gives an extremely wide front footprint. "Stability," he says, "is outrageous." The Vertika won’t wheelie, but it’s great for spinning doughnuts in the backyard, he adds. It does not lean into corners, so is not counter-steered. Turn the handlebar right, and you go right (like Can-Am’s Spyder).

The kit is available for all motorcycles, but it’s not a backyard installation procedure: "We won’t allow that." Dealers will handle the installation chores.


New design not yet in production

The Vertika was shown at the Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto recently, and will make an appearance at the Montreal Motorcycle Show on Feb. 22 – 24.

Show price is $14,500 (installed and painted) with the standard price being $2,000 more.

St. Amour says manufacturers like his work, and the Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600 kitted for the motorcycle shows actually belongs to a Kawasaki dealer, who asked him to do it up.

He’s also working on new designs with additional features, including one for the 1400 Ninja and another for Harley-Davidson models.

For a look at the Vertika GS and its fitment to a standard motorcycle, see


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