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Just a quick FYI – we’ve resurrected the option to add your email to the CMG Feature notification system. In CMG 2.X (we’re on 3.0 now) it used to be called "Subscribe" and would notify anyone who subscribed to it when there was a new article on CMG.

For now, we’ve resurrected the old system but will only use it let people know when there’s a new weekly feature and not when there’s a news item … ’cause the news is daily and that would be a lot of emails!

BTW, we’re working on a fancy new system that will let you choose exactly what items you’d like to be notified about on CMG. However, in typical CMG style, that could take a while to come to fruition.

You can find our Feature notification option on the main horizontal menu under "mailing list".

Very good, carry on then.

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