Wheelie to jail


Some people just shouldn’t wheelie

A judge in Toronto sentenced a motorcyclist to 20 months in prison last week for showing "wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of others." Oh, and bumping off his passenger.

The 25-year-old rider pleaded guilty last fall to criminal negligence causing death after an accident that took the life of a 19-year-old woman who was riding as passenger.

The motorcyclist had pulled a wheelie on his motorcycle, lost control, and hit a curb. The passenger, whose helmet was not properly secured, fell off and received fatal injuries when she hit her head on the pavement.

The rider had previously been convicted of careless driving for another incident in which he pulled a wheelie.


  1. Actually I feel the charge should have been first degree murder with a “life without possibility of parole sentence”.

    On the other hand, for getting on the bike in the first place, the girl deserves a Darwin Award.

  2. Finally, a Judge that has the guts and common sense to issue a real sentence to suit the crime. All these bike shows that glamourize stunting, sure dupe the young and impressionable to try and follow without considering the consequences.

  3. This is at least a taste of justice, altho I suspect the loved ones of the passenger would want an even more severe penalty. Doing stunts with passengers is incredibly arrogant and patently stupid. I hope this sentance becomes an example that others pay attention to. For one, I’m tired of stupid, self-centered and (in this case) criminal behaviour of other riders.

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