Fast, and fuel efficient


300 mph … and training wheels?

With a 750 hp turbocharged Hayabusa motor under its aerodynamic shell, the $2.7 million Acabion GTBO is not only ridiculously expensive, but faster than just about anything else meant for road travel.

Zero to 300 mph (480 km/h) in 30 seconds, with about 340 mph (540 km/h) top speed fast.

Of course, you’ll have time to learn how to navigate at those speeds, since the company wants three years in order to build one, but when you park that 700 lb carbon and aramid fibre honeycomb composite titanium alloy baby in front of your local watering hole, your friends will surely envy you.

The Swiss company built the gas powered GTBO to show off their abilities, but is more concerned with environmentally friendly technology. And surprisingly, the potent ‘Busa motor shows it well with great (claimed) fuel efficiency: 100 mph at 1.7% throttle and 100 miles per gallon, and 250 mph at 17% throttle and 25 miles per gallon.

"The GTBO is the trendsetter towards a new generation of crafts of two categories: One category pure electric and one gasoline driven. Electric for city traffic and distances up to 300 miles. Gasoline with 10 times the punch and a range of up to 1000 miles per fuel-stop. Hyper-efficient both of them. There is nothing bad about gasoline. There is just something bad about wasting it," says the company website.

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  1. 340 might be possible. A Cessna 172 has a 150 HP engine and cruises around 120 mph by spinning a big fan up front while weighing in at around 1400-1600 pounds. This is considerably lighter and has a driven wheel in contact with the road which should be more efficient than a propeller.

  2. Yeah, but they have to run on the salt. On pavement, it might be do-able. The frontal area is pretty small and one supposed the cD would be pretty good. Now, where do you get bike tires rated for 340 mph?

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