BMW sculpted with flow


Richard Minott (left) with brother Garfield and friend Rob Lukasiewicz: Scorpion makers

The Scorpion by Canjamoto – that’s Canja,
with a
C – is a
rebodied BMW R1200S that adds a whole new style to the big

Canjamoto – short for Canadian Jamaican Motorsports – is a Toronto outfit, headed by Jamaica-born,
Toronto-raised designer Richart Minott, who conceived the bike while
studying at the Ontario College of Art.

The Scorpion received a “fantastic”
response from the International Motorcycle Super Show crowd, Minott
says, but the model is only a prototype at the moment. He hopes to
have kits available for sale at around $12,000 to $15,000 by the
fall, with a running example completed a few months before that.

The idea behind the bike is the
smoothly continuous fairing line from nose to seat: “I like the
flow of it,” Minott says. The kit would include carbon fibre
fairing pieces, lights and other electrical components, a subframe,
and some machined bits like footpegs and exhaust tips. Minott says some
components will also be sold as individual items, and one version
will even be turbocharged.


“It’s not an easy thing, to get something
like this made in Canada,” he says. While market appeal seems
strongest in Europe, Minott hopes there’ll be Scorpions on Canadian
roads, too. Just let us know when one’s available for a test ride,

The website,, is
unfinished, because all the fledgling company’s energy is going into
producing the motorcycle, Minott says, but it’s worth a visit, and a
website rebuild is coming.

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