Saved from death rays


A Canadian real estate agent who says
motorcycles cause cancer has been granted a
patent in the UK for a protective seat shield.

Randal Dale Chipkar wrote a book,
“Motorcycle Cancer,” and self-published it after discovering that an
electromagnetic field  surrounds a running motorcycle engine.

Now, he’s also invented a seat you can use
to save yourself from the “death rays” that shoot through your
groin every time you ride. 

Chipkar says on his website,, that
the seat shields a rider’s body from low frequency radiation, which
has been linked (he says) to cancer. “I am now open to licensing or
even selling some of my worldwide patents,” he says.

He’s also selling his book, for $35, on
his website. At about the size of a small pocket book, it might seem
over-priced – but if he included one of his shields in the cover, you could then stuff it down your pants every time you ride …


  1. You would think the ‘author’ would be concerned about brain cancer, especially considering his head’s close proximity to his colon…

  2. Dammit. I thought the foil beanie was sufficient for protection from death rays, now it seems I have to make a protective cup, too. SWMBO is gonna be mad because I’ll be stealing more tinfoil from the kitchen now.

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