Baby gixxer


GSX-R 125? Maybe …

According to British motorcycle magazine MCN, Suzuki is getting set to produce a
pint-sized GSX-R for new riders.

The mag claims that the liquid-cooled GSX-R125 will be
released in the UK later this year and will look like its larger siblings.


However, we contacted Suzuki Canada to confirm this story, who then contacted Japan, who duly denied it all.


If it does appear, the baby Gixxer will join Honda’s CBR125R and Yamaha’s YZF125R. Oh and BTW, the photo shown is supposed to be the GSXR125 in question but then it does look suspiciously like it came from a student Photoshop class.


  1. Why should we need to move? My CBR125R cost me $4,000 AUS, its my third, with all the money I save, in running costs, parking & such I can get a new bike every 2 years. That’s why they are so popular.

  2. What 30+HP 125cc bike are you talking about??? Otherwise I agree with you that the gap is toooo big, because in reality the CBR125R makes 13HP …



  3. Has anyone asked why they haven’t thought about where all these 125 drivers are gonna go when they want more?

    What about a 350, 450, etc? The step from a 30+ hp 125 to a 100+ hp 600 is a little much, me thinks…

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