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Shopping bags won’t be needed in Montreal
Photo: Steve Thornton 

Visitors to the Montreal Motorcycle
Show won’t be able to leave the Convention Centre with armloads of
bargains, but that shouldn’t prevent them from making deals for
helmets and other goodies.

Montreal is going the way of the Quebec
Motorcycle Show, which has never allowed visitors to buy products on
site but does allow deals to be made. In that regard, Montreal will
disappoint some visitors – and will likely lose some attendance –
as it breaks from the traditional bargain-hunter’s free-for-all that
most major Canadian motorcycle shows represent.

According to Montreal show manager
Roger Saint-Laurent, area dealers have expressed some “discomfort”
for a long time over retail sales at the show. By allowing visitors
to strike bargains with dealers during the show but requiring them
pick up the goods later, the Montreal show encourages apres-show
dealership visits, Saint-Laurent says.

He admits that the move is likely to
hurt revenues for ExpoMAX, the show’s producer, but says it’s “the
way to go for the future.”

The future was determined early for the
Moncton Motorcycle Show, the first major East Coast bike show. Show
manager Scott Sprague says the dealers were asked to decide policy
regarding retail sales, and they came down uniformly against it.

The Moncton show will draw visitors and
dealers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island,
Sprague says, and dealers figured out pretty quickly that allowing
visitors to buy goods there could “flatten accessory sales across
the three provinces” for some time afterward. Still, some “unique”
items, like custom saddlebags not found in ordinary dealerships, will
be available for sale at the show.

The Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver
motorcycle shows plan to continue selling retail products, and
western Canada show visitors will take possession of new accessories right there. “Coming away with something is a big part of the
excitement,” says Vancouver show manager Nanette Jacques.

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  1. Here is another person who whould have had a car load to Moncton for the show. We will now and forever give your show a big miss.

  2. I go to Montreal Show to buy, stay overnight and make trip out of visit. Montreal is more convenient than TO and I prefer it since it is easier to see vendors. Live 4 hours from Montreal (& 6 from Toronto) so not possible to go to dealers later. Guess I wont be going anymore

  3. :cry well i guess you lost my money as part of the scrc club the word goes fast and you just lost my presence as well sorry i live in Quebec but the Toronto show is still a good deal compare to you guys.give it to quebec to make deals like this

  4. 🙁
    Messages in our club forum suggest that most if not all members of the Souther Cruisers will not attend. Protest letter was sent to the show organizers.

  5. As others, I’ll do my shopping on-line and save the $15 admission and $15 parking. Too bad, I used to enjoy the show as well, but with no vendors – forget it.

  6. I’ve been going to the show for the past 19 years or so. As we all know there is no business like show business or motorcycle dealership business. I guess, that screwing us by charging insane prices everytime something happens to our bike is not enough. I won’t be going to the show this year. If i want to see new bike i will go to the dealer. As far as good deals… Thank God for Americade, Laconia and eBay.

  7. I’m from Ottawa and one of the reason I attended the Montreal show was the deals I could get on accessories. I’m not making the trip this year. I guess I’ll do my shopping online.

  8. I have attended the Montreal Show from when it was held in the Velodrome in the late ’70’s. I usually enjoyed it.

    Part of the fun was wandering through all the booths looking at the goodies for sale. It didn’t take long to realize that much of the stuff was crap, but still there were good deals to be had if you knew what you were looking for.

    What the organizers fail to realize is that one of the draws to any motorcycle event is the vendors.

    An opportunity to pick up a good deal on a discontinued helmet.

    They may even be a good deal on that Harley thong that you have had your eye on.

  9. Well that’s stupid. My only reason for going this year was to check out gear that the dealers I regularly visit don’t carry.

    Guess I’ll save the $15 and stay home instead.

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