CMG website V3.0!

Welcome to CMG website version 3.0! Yes, we’ve finally implemented a whole new format and look to CMG and just in time to bring us into 2008.

The biggest change apparent to the readership is the absence of the old system’s use of separate ‘section’ homepages – where you would go from the main CMG homepage to another one (Features for example) and then from there onto the item you want to read. With CMG V3.0 all the current stuff is now accessible directly from the main homepage.

But that’s just one aspect of the changes: we’ve also reworked what appears on the homepage which now includes the latest Daily News headlines – offering up the most recent four or five news items.

As with the previous format, Feature articles will continue to be shown, with the two current ones at the top and the 2008 NMBG getting a permanent home in the third slot. Archives of any previous Feature articles will still be available in the CMG–RC.

Talking of the CMG-RC, it no longer has its own homepage either, with all its options now part of the CMG site and available at the bottom of the new homepage. As a result, it should be much easier for members to see what’s new as well as navigate through these pages without the need of having to go to a completely different site.

Finally, the old vertical menu has been replaced with a new horizontal menu across the top which will show up on all CMG pages and enable you to navigate quickly from one area to another. We’ve also updated the menu’s "About Us" and "Contact Us" sections.

Overall we hope that all the time and hard work that we put into V3.0 will make for a more enjoyable experience for you the reader. We’ll be building upon our new foundations in the next few months, with an new Soapbox and Buy $ Sell section (yes, it’s been long overdue!) as well as a better email notification system and a few other new options that we’re sure will add to the CMG experience.

It seems like a good time to thank CMG techie Patrick Shelston for his stellar work with the new format and for putting up with Editor ‘arris into the wee hours of the morning as he changed this, that and the other. Thanks also goes to Gary Davidson who threw in some excellent design ideas to make it all look all proper like. 

And finally, please feel free to let us know what you like or dislike about the new format so that we can tweak it as required.


The CMG design team. 


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