Stocking fillers

Just in time for Christmas giving, we present the CMG empty-stocking
pocket guide — a baker’s half dozen trinkets that’ll fill that
stocking and make someone special (like you) happy on Christmas morning.

Worth its weight?

The tinsel on your Christmas tree may be
real gold, the presents under it wrapped in actual money. But likely you don’t have one
of these …

Billet ISR radial brakes with
six-piston calipers, MotoGP-grade Ohlins suspension, a hand-made
titanium frame and exhaust, carbon fibre bodywork and wheels,
hand-painted pinstripes, a supercharged 2,150 cc billet motor that
produces 200 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque, and a watch. That’s what you
get for your US$275,000.

For all that money, you’d expect
something special, like adjustable master cylinder leverage so you
can dial in the amount of effort you want to use for braking, or
12-way adjustable footpegs, an adjustable gel seat, adjustable
throttle travel, jewel-like machined brake reservoir, a matching
serial number on your wristwatch … it’s all the little things that
make it special, just like you …

Only 10 of the 440 lb Ecosse Titanium
Series motorcycles (and BRM watches) are available, and they can only be
purchased through the Robb Report.

Who’s the dimmest of them all?

It’s not the worst problem
motorcyclists face when riding at night, but the glare in your mirror
from traffic behind you can be distracting.

You can fix it with duct tape, of
course, but a more expensive and technically superior solution would
be the AlphaMirror, which replaces your ordinary, low-tech mirror
with an LCD-based dimmer unit. When the AlphaMirror senses a strong
light, its LCD colour changes, dimming the light.

They’re battery operated so no wiring
is necessary, and should go three years on a lithium battery. Mirrors
are available for some standard fitments.

At $499 US a pair, you
might decide to look the other way, but if you need that last trick
item for your ride, this could be it. More info and ordering at

Her Cup runneth over

2008 version of the annual calendar produced by the Women’s Cup
racers is available, and believe me, if you’re a race fan of the
male persuasion you want one.

Only $15 for the 13-month calendar, and you can see your
favourite female racers in something other than, in fact, mostly
quite a bit less than, leathers and helmets.

understand Natalie Provost is a guiding light in this endeavour, and
all the staff at CMG wish to thank her most heartily for a job

Get yours at

Wenches and wrenches

mechanics-calendar.jpg If you need a calendar with motorcycles and
babes that shows only the good bits, look here. Sarah Lyon is a motorcycle mechanic
and artist who travelled thousands of miles on her BMW to photograph
female mechanics, and then put them into a 14-month calendar.

Needless to say, the photos are
interesting, but won’t get your NDP friends excited if you’re viewing
them in Parliament. In other words, nudity is out, mechanic’s
overalls are in. As are plenty of motorcycle parts. And tools – no,
not that kind.

The 2008 Female Mechanics Calendar is
available online for $15 plus two bucks shipping (yes, in Canada!). Order yours at


Down at the heels

It’s a rotten shame. You take your bike
for a ride, you click through a few gears, and what happens? Your
seven hundred dollar Gucci slippers get little streaky marks on them.
Stupid gear shift knob!

Until they come out with an automatic
transmission motorcycle worth riding, there’s only one thing you can
do: buy a pair of Bimota shoe protectors.


They come with little
straps so they won’t fall off and leave your fine Italian footwear
exposed. And of course it says “Bimota” on each piece, so even if
your shoes came from the Sally Ann, you’ll look like a person with
expensive tastes.





Knots and buckles


Gears Canada “Navigator” series
luggage features an “innovative anchor knot attachment system with
anti slip cam-buckle system” that enables fast and secure
attachment, according to the made-in-India manufacturer.

Gears has
been operating in Canada for about eight years, and supplies a number
of products through Parts Canada.

The price is right, at 90 bucks, and the 52-litre sport touring tail
pack is claimed to be waterproof.

Take a look at
for more info.


Spark it up


Need some spark in your life? These
titanium, footpeg-mounted spark bolts will show off your brilliance every time you touch one to the ground.

Pro-Bolt sells a whole range of titanium, aluminum, and stainless
bolts and other fittings and are available in Canada through Road Rage
Distributing, Hypertek Motorsports, or Rumple Imports.

See the catalog at

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